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Without question, Dave Elman developed various theories and techniques in the field of Hypnotherapy that are still considered ground-breaking achievements by those “Dream Pilots” who continue to pursue the perfection of this ancient method of using the power of the mind to reach the trance state.

Using his training, theories, thoughts and words, you now have a unique opportunity to gaze into the class rooms where doctors, dentists and nurses experienced Dave’s teaching techniques and hear first hand  what they were taught, so many years ago.

Each class session is filled with golden treasures of information which can assist any hypnotist in the perfection of their professional craft.  Ypu get Dave Elman’s lectures and the voices of those who participated in his classes, as he traveled throughout the country on his journey to educate medical professionals about Hypnosis.

Dave Elman Hypnosis Audio Files

SKU: 0001
  • Audio files are delivered directly to your email account thru Dropbox.

  • Once received, there are no Returns or Refunds.  However, if there is an issue with your downloads, you will receive assistance to ensure the audio products are working properly.

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